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Snazzy Suit swimsuit & tankini PDF pattern / eBook

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Snazzy Suit

The pattern "Snazzy Suit" offers a fantastic way to create individual swimsuits or tankinis with hip or waist-high panties for small water mixes. It is available in sizes 74 to 158 and specially designed for Badelycra to ensure an optimal fit and freedom of movement in the water.

With its versatility, the pattern "Snazzy Suit" not only enables various carrying variants, but also the option to turn the swimsuit and use them on both sides. This means that her little swimmer can wear two different looks with just one piece of clothing.

The delightful back neckline in the form of an elegant loop gives the swimsuit a magical note and will be very well received by every girl. This playful, yet elegant detail makes the "Snazzy Suit" something very special.

The pattern is specially designed for experienced beginners, so that beginners can easily implement the instructions with a little practice. It contains interactive guidance that leads step by step through the sewing process and provides helpful tips and tricks.


The eBook contains:

  • The sizes 74 - 158
  • The pattern in A4 pages for a home printer for self -gluing
  • The pattern in A0 for the projector or large format pressure
  • The pattern as a projector file. The cutting parts are (as far as possible) opened and thus provided without a break and with extra thick lines and enlarged font.
  • The sizes are divided into levels for all pattern patterns, which can be hidden.
  • You can get each file with contained seam and hem adders and once without and you can add it as you wish.
  • A detailed interactive guide that leads you step by step through the instructions to your desired result.


Fabric consumption:

Fabric consumption Snazzy Suit


You can find the associated commercial license here -Trade license

You can find more inspiration on my Instagram account atBa.binaa_patterns or
Under the hashtag #babinaapattern.

Copyright Note: All rights of this guide and the cut are at Karin Reisecker fromBa.binaa Patterns. Would you like to sell individual pieces after this cut? - no problem in my online Can you buy a commercial license. The transfer, copy, amendment and/or exchange of this e-book is not permitted. No liability is assumed for any errors in the instructions or the cutting parts.

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