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Oversize Hoodie Elfie Women


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Hoodie Elfi

My patterns are accompanied by a detailed, illustrated step-by-step instructions that can be managed well by the closer. The Hoodie 'Elfie' offers the options of a hood or a neck bundle, with or without a fusster. You can choose sweat cuffs or cuff fabric for a scrapped or normal end. Elfie is made from French Terry.

The eBook contains:

  • The sizes 32 - 48
  • The pattern in A4 pages for a home printer for self-gluing and the levels can be turned on or hidden.
  • The pattern in A0 for the projector or large format pressure and the levels can be displayed or hidden.
  • A detailed step by step instructions that are suitable for beginners with sewing experience and advanced. 
  • The seam and hem additive: optionally with or without selectable

  • The A0 beamer cut parts are opened, with extra thick lines and enlarged font.

You can find more inspiration on my Instagram account at Ba.binaa_patterns or under the hashtag #babinaapatterns 

Copyright Note: All rights of this guide and the cut are at Karin Reisecker from Ba.binaa Patterns. Would you like to sell individual pieces after this cut? - no problem in my online shop Can you buy a commercial license. The transfer, copy, amendment and/or exchange of this e-book is not permitted. No liability is assumed for any errors in the instructions or the cutting parts.

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