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Jumpsuit Sharon


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Jumpsuit Sharon

The straps of the jumpsuit are tied into a bow through a buttonhole on the back. Two leg lengths are included in the pattern. Sharon can therefore be stitched up for a whole year.

The eBook will be sent with an illustrated step-by-step guide suitable for beginners. But you should have an idea of ​​how to sew a buttonhole.
This is described in the operating instructions for your sewing machine..
Sharon can be sewn in sizes 74 - 164 .

The pattern is designed for jersey.

The eBook contains:

    • Sizes 74 - 164
    • The pattern in A4 pages for a home printer for self-adhesive and the layers can be shown or hidden.
    • The pattern in A0 for the beamer or large format print and the levels can be shown or hidden.
    • a detailed step-by-step guide that is suitable for beginners with sewing experience as well as advanced users.
    • Seam and hem allowances are not included.
    • The beamer file can contain cut parts in the break.

You can find the corresponding commercial license here - Commercial license

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Copyright note: Karin Reisecker von Ba.binaa Patterns. has all rights to this pattern and pattern. It is permitted to use a Commercial license to sell individual pieces after this cut. Specify that the pattern is from Ba.binaa Patterns. Mass production is prohibited. . Passing on, copying and/or exchanging this e-book is not permitted. No liability is assumed for any errors in the instructions or the pattern pieces.​

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