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License for commercial use - patterns


VAT included. plus shipping costs

Would you like to commercially offer products made from my sewing patterns?

Then you will need a commercial license that grants you the right to use any pattern from my collection for one year and an unlimited quantity. Select the appropriate license from the dropdown menu. The eBook is not included in the license package and must be purchased separately.

This license is valid for all patterns, except for the Oversize Hoodie Elfie, and is valid for one year from the invoice date. After this period, the license will automatically expire but can be renewed if needed. The license also covers the use of my patterns for demonstrations or sewing classes.

Upon payment of the license fee, you will receive a license certificate. After that, you can immediately begin commercial use. You must include the brand name "Ba.binaa Patterns" and the name of the corresponding pattern in your product description.

Please note: A separate license is required for each eBook.

Violation of the terms of this agreement will result in the automatic termination of the license.

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