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Cap(e) Town


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Cap(e) Town

The cool summer hat for babies, children & adults. The Michel cap can be easily combined with almost all sewing patterns. It can be sewn from light woven fabrics and knitted fabrics with sufficient stability. There are two variants of the lower side part. Either made of cuff fabric throughout or divided from woven fabric and at the back of the head with a small piece of cuff fabric so that it still remains stretchy.

The pattern can be sewn from light woven fabrics such as: muslin, linen, light cotton woven fabrics, voile, seersucker and co.
Or made of knitwear with enough body, such as: solid cotton jersey, summer sweat, jacquard jersey, ...
A thin iron-on insert is also required for the sign, such as Vlieseline H250.

The eBook contains:
  • sizes for head circumambulation from 39 - 59 cm
  • The pattern in A4 pages for a self-adhesive home printer.
  • The pattern in A0 for the projector.
  • a detailed step-by-step guide that is suitable for beginners with sewing experience as well as advanced users.

You can find the corresponding commercial license here - Commercial license

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Copyright note: Karin Reisecker von Ba.binaa Patterns has all rights to this pattern and the pattern. It is permitted, with a commercial license, single pieces to sell after this cut. Specify that the pattern is from Ba.binaa Patterns. Mass production is prohibited. . Passing on, copying and/or exchanging this e-book is not permitted. No liability is accepted for any errors in the instructions or the pattern pieces.​

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