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Cape Pepino


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Cap Pepino

Pepino, the cool cap for the whole family. An elastic band is sewn into the back of the head to guarantee the perfect fit, which means it grows with you for a longer period of time. This cut requires some sewing experience and knowledge of working with woven fabrics. But even beginners who sew carefully, have a little patience and follow the instructions step by step will be rewarded with a unique and special result.

The instructions contain 28 pictures, which lead you step by step to the finished cap.

There is a "Tips & Tricks" page included so that your cap can hardly be distinguished from a purchased one.

If the head to be sewn does not have the standard dimensions, I will explain to you in these instructions how you can easily adapt this pattern

What you need:

The pattern is usually sewn from woven fabrics such as: linen, canvas, jeans,... or other woven fabrics with enough body. You also need a saddle pad or Decovil, Vlieseline H250 or stronger and a piece of rubber band with the same width of 3 cm and a length of 5 cm + NZ.

The eBook contains:
  • sizes for head circumambulation from 39 - 59 cm
  • The pattern in A4 pages for a self-adhesive home printer.
  • The pattern in A0 for the projector.
  • a detailed step-by-step guide that is suitable for beginners with sewing experience as well as advanced users.

You can find the corresponding commercial license here - Commercial license

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Copyright note: Karin Reisecker von Ba.binaa Patterns. has all rights to this pattern and pattern. It is permitted to use a Commercial license to sell individual pieces after this cut. Specify that the pattern is from Ba.binaa Patterns. Mass production is prohibited. . Passing on, copying and/or exchanging this e-book is not permitted. No liability is accepted for any errors in the instructions or the pattern pieces.​

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